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June 12, 2024

(Athens, GA) – June 12, 2024 – Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department announces today that it has joined with the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Georgia Chapter in celebrating 2024 Waste & Recycling Workers Week. This year Waste and Recycling Workers week is June 16-22, 2024. This week-long awareness effort is focused on solid waste workers as professionals.

The theme this year is focused on Elevating Solid Waste Workers! We want to Elevate: History. Individual. Profession in

the Solid Waste Industry.


Participation in the Waste & Recycling Workers Week means that ACC Solid Waste Department has joined with the SWANA Georgia Chapter and other municipalities, organizations and companies throughout the state, committing to elevating the status of solid waste management workers, and thanking them for keeping us safe and healthy.

“We are proud to participate in this state-wide effort as we come together to ensure that solid waste workers are recognized as professionals that protect the health and safety of our community,” said Suki Janssen, Director of the ACC Solid Waste Department.

SWANA-Georgia Chapter, along with the ACC Solid Waste Department plans to highlight solid waste workers on its social media accounts during this week.

“SWANA-Georgia Chapter is working to ELEVATE the solid waste profession in Georgia by featuring stories that focus on our history, stories of the individual worker that ELEVATE our profession. Solid Waste Professionals have degrees, certifications, licensing and sills to operate trucks and heavy equipment that handle trash, recycling and compostables every day to protect the health of Georgia Communities.” said Matt Dolan, SWANA-Georgia Chapter President.

SWANA-Georgia Chapter wants to bring awareness to protect solid waste workers and elevate the importance of the tasks they perform for Georgia residents. Unfortunately, solid waste workers are still in the top ten most dangerous jobs in the US (currently #7). SWANA-Georgia Chapter thanks all solid waste workers for staffing landfills, transfer stations, recycling centers, driving trucks, and picking up litter. If you would like to know more about Waste & Recycling Workers Week or SWANA Georgia Chapter please visit or visit SWANA-Georgia Chapter on Facebook.

ABOUT SWANA GEORGIA CHAPTER: For more than 50 years, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has been the leading professional association in the solid waste field. Founded in 1962, the association has 10,000+ members. The Georgia Chapter serves over 400 members throughout Georgia, through conferences, certifications, publications, and technical training courses. SWANA-Georgia represents industry leaders from

every discipline in solid waste management. Our chapter provides multiple benefits to our members, including the opportunity to hear about the latest technologies and/or developments in our industry and to network with other solid waste professionals. Our mission is to Educate, Innovate, and Communicate.

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